BluRok Farms

We farm the land and rejuvenate our community.

about us

BluRok Farms operates business-to-business (B2B) selling biomass cannabis and CBD oil. With our unique perspective and extensive knowledge of commercial cultivation, BluRok Farms is positioned to bring superior quality CBD products to the market.

our work

We not only focus on superior quality but our effects on the environment so we use practices that leave a small if any, carbon footprint.

our vision

Creating and establishing a black-owned farm that is profitable and sustainable also educating minority entrepreneurs from business planning to investing startup capital.

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Levar Eady

BluRok Farm was born out of my determination to grow the best hemp/cannabis possible while building a business that helps people become business owners and heal the planet.My path started in the garden where I learned to grow roses with my grandmother. That soon expanded to a myriad of other plants like mint, Aloe Vera, cannabis, and eventually hemp. In college, my love for cultivating cannabis bloomed as my love for science was matched with my love for nature as I pursued my bachelor's of science in biology. At Morehouse College, I took several classes in botany, plant science, and ecology to broaden my understanding of the plants I loved to grow. It opened my eyes to regenerative farming and sparked the idea of how to blend that with cultivating cannabis.Growing has given me a connection to the plant and my ancestors. Yet despite my years of experience, the high start up costs and lack of access to business capital left me struggling to launch my business in California. Because I had gone out of state for college, I was ineligible for many of the social equity programs. As a Black introvert working in cannabis, I’m no stranger to stigma and challenges-- so I knew that being able to pivot, persistence and consistency were key in making my dream a reality.That’s why I came to New Mexico to launch BluRok Farm. I was born in Albuquerque so coming to this state right as it prepares to legalize cannabis felt like a return home.
Our small farm grows hemp, produce, and will begin cultivating cannabis as soon as licenses are available in the state in early 2022.
Now I’m on a mission to give other minorities the chance to experience the euphoric feeling of ownership while healing the world. We want all people to be able to live their life in tandem with their dreams.